L'annuaire des musiciens professionnels

Seif Bennia

Ahmed Seifeddine Bennia (composer & Oud Player)was born on The 14th of June 1988. He had the passion for the Classical Arabic Music since an early age. He started playing it using the Oud at the age of 5 with Professor Mohamed Mouldi Touati. At the age of 9, he joined the National conservatory of music of Hammam-Lif. He improved his use of the Oud with Professor Wiaam Hsouna and Professor Foued Rafrafi. He had his diploma of Arabic Music in June 2003. In July 2004, he joined the academy of music of Megrine Zeryab where he had Oud Lessons with Professor Khaled Bessa ; he is the winner of the national review of Oud (Oud diploma) in July 2005. He had a training courses with the famous Turkish Oud masters Pr. Yurdal Tokcan, Pr.Necati çelik and Pr.Mehmet Emin Bitmez . He had a lot of concerts: solo, duet and in a group and participated in the opening of “The instrumental music week” organized by the ASMC on the 6TH of February 2007. He also took part of the “International festival of the young virtuosos of Sidi Bou Said” on the 14 February 2008... He participated in international festival of the Medina of Tunis giving two recitals and a jazz concert with his jazz band in 2009. He was invited in February 2010 in Paris to give Oud Concert and worked with the musician Hamdi Makhlouf (responsible in the Arabic Oud house in Paris) to animate an Oud workshop. He was also invitated to represent Africa and the middle east in the concert of opening ceremony of Youth Olympic Games 2010 in Singapor as Continental Solist with the international Orchestra... He has given concerts and recitals in several cultural centers and was invited to participate in many cultural TV programs. Now, he is studying engineering in chemistry, giving at the same time Oud courses at academy of music of Megrine "Zeryab" (Tunisia) and has continued to excel on the world music scene ...